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Awesome YouTube Bot

Important note: Views may experience drop rates if proxies and Gmail accounts are not active. We’re still actively investigating it to find the best way for warm-ups and rankings. However, other functionalities including like, subscription and comments have much better and higher stick rates.

We have introduced a new way and simulation tool on 2023/11/21! You can use LDPlayer for real mobile simulations from now on.

What exactly is Awesome Youtube Robot?

This is the latest tech on the traffic-sending market, which can shed some serious light on your YouTube videos and channels. It can send thousands of Human IPs to your videos, increase your videos watch time and boost the likes and comments, and views most tactfully, using random activities at all times, making it unimaginably hard for YouTube to identify as a bot. 

A fantastic tool for boosting YouTube views, likes, and comments. If you feel lost in the YouTube world due to the lack of growth of your stats, worry no more; we are here to bring the spotlight to you.

It can also be appointed to watch the ads and has the ability to push the skip ad button if need be. What’s even more remarkable is that it’ll do random activities so that YouTube wouldn’t spot it as a bot.

AYB is a full package of multiple applications at the same time. It can act as your youtube watch time bot, your assistant as youtube like bot, or lots of other sophisticated assistant tools!


You may ask yourself, “What’s the procedure here?”

The core of the app uses different user agents and stimulates separate devices. You can give it emails to import to lower the drop rates of the views and use various methods to remain undetected. Please note that although we seriously worked on the core of browsers and actions to make the system look like a real human being, youtube mostly cares about the history and background of Gmail accounts. If you have a hands-on large number of high-quality Gmail accounts, it’s your lucky day. if you only have newly created Gmail accounts, it’s also okay to send views. You can use random act for warming up Gmail accounts as well.


Then you may ask, “How do you get different IPs?”

It can happen through four different methods:

First, by importing proxies into the app. All types of proxies are supported. In addition to the first general way of getting IPs, our team has developed two very unique ways of doing this job :

The second is generating IP by using your phone network service. This is great if you love to do Local views and also you have unlimited sim-card data.

Third, generate IP through the PPPoE mode automatically without the need for proxy or resetting the modem! 

Fourth, use the Fritzbox routers that are usually available in Europe.


The innovative and unique methods have been explained in detail down below : 

AYB has three different and unique methods for IP generating. The first one is BRIDGE MODE. To use this method, you must connect to the internet by LAN cable and a broadband connection. Your modem should be in the bridge mode/PPPOE for using this robot as well. ( you can change the mode of your modem –  if it supports it.) – Orange routers are Unsupported

The second method is 3G/4G/5G PHONE’s INTERNET. To use this method, you will need an android phone with a sim-card internet! That’s it! The bot will use your phone’s internet to change your computer’s IP! The bot has a smart built-in tool to help you through configuring the mobile to use with your computer.

The third method is using Fritzbox routers (usually this modem gets used in Europe/Germany). We specially developed a new way for Fritzbox routers and that feature has been available since 2021/02/13.  if you have a fritzbox router, today is your lucky day! You don’t need to put your fritzbox on PPPoE mode, etc. You can also use the frtizbox without connecting through a LAN cable.


How many views can I send per day?

If you want to send views to regular videos (not live broadcasts), it will depend on the watch time and the IP changing method. If you want to use our unique IP changing features, you’ll be able to send only 1 view at the same time for the same video. It means if you want to watch the video for 60 seconds, you’ll get 60 visitors per 1 hour for 1 video. However, if you use proxies, you can get a lot more traffic considering your hardware. If you use 100 threads with 100 different proxies, you’ll be able to send 100 visitors per 1 minute and 6000 per 1 hour. We also added a new feature for multi-threading, which gives you the power to send views to different videos at the same time. With this, even if you use the unique IP-changing methods, you can send more than 1 view to different videos at the same time.

As the latest Youtube algorithm update, To send live views we recommend you use the regular view process for it. Because sending live views with API will cause zero watch time and live view drops. But if you use the regular view also for live videos, you’ll have a much better effect. However, you may be unable to send a few hundred live views with this method because it’s aggressively using the resources. The number of livestream viewers corresponds with the maximum number of threads you can use. You can read about it here.


How do like & subscription & comment features of the bot work?

To use these features, you’ll need to import Gmail accounts (you can buy Gmail accounts in bulk). Therefore, the bot will easily handle this kind of task. However, please note that youtube needs high-quality Gmail accounts for this. You might see even with real users and Gmail accounts, youtube channels experience drops in subscriptions. This is because YouTube’s algorithm is too much sensitive about this. So, using high-quality Gmail accounts & enabling random activity functions in the bot is necessary for doing this job.

UPDATE: Due to the last changes of the youtube counting system, you’ll need to import Gmail accounts to be able to perform views. This section may get updated there’s any further updates. Technically, you can send unlimited views (with different IPs) by using 1 Gmail account. However, if you import more Gmail accounts, it will have better effects on ranking. To send views, it’s not necessary to have high-quality Gmail accounts, and even newly created ones will work.


I like to define a chain of activities (view one video for a specific time, like that video, go visit another video, etc.) to be executed by every single visitor. Is it possible?

Yes! Since version 1.2.6, we announced this awesome feature! You can add different kinds of tasks to be done all together by every single session/visitor. This will cause viewers to look more real and also, you can do more tasks in a lesser time limit.

For instance, let’s assume you need to send 100 visitors to three of your videos, and you need those 100 visitors to watch your three videos in sequence, and also at the end, you need those sessions/viewers to subscribe to your channel. It’s possible with this new feature! You’ll need only to define one campaign and add those tasks to it. So visitors will have such behavior:

A new visitor will be initialized with a new browser & session > it will watch your first video (as long as you configured) > will move to your second video and will watch it > will move to your third video and watch it > will click on subscribe button on the third video’s page > the browser will be closed

This process will be repeated 100 times. So technically, it will cause you a total of 300 views and 100 subscriptions. This is what we mean, and we usually refer to this as a campaign/scripting feature.




\\ Increasing views of your youtube videos and watch time. Just like real users.

\\ 3 different modes/sources are available to select to send views from to video (Direct, Suggested, Google Search, Youtube Search). This will be visible on Youtube analytics.

\\Embedded youtube videos playing support (Especially Twitter & Reddit). Just add the Twitter/Reddit/etc. post URL which has your youtube video included.

\\ Ability to search on Youtube and Google mode using the keyword you add to the bot. This can help in ranking your videos in specific keywords.

\\Increasing the count of likes (importing Gmail accounts needed)

\\Increasing your comments (importing Gmail accounts needed) 

\\Increasing your Subscription (importing Gmail accounts needed) 

\\Increasing the view of live videos

\\Clearing the browser’s cache after completing the campaign

Awesome Traffic Bot - Without using VPN & Proxy - 16Adding a chain of activities and tasks as a single campaign. It gives more flexibility and power to run different scenarios.

\\ Simulating different devices with different screen resolutions and updated user-agents

Awesome Traffic Bot - Without using VPN & Proxy - 23 AYB has the most advanced anti-detected browsers developed at the core. We’ve spent lots of time on making the browsers as most anti-detected as possible.

Awesome Traffic Bot - Without using VPN & Proxy - 12IPs have different user agents ( With different operating systems and hardware specifications )

\\The Loop feature is available to use. You can enable it if you want the bot to restart the jobs queue after the last job is ended. So campaigns will never end.

\\Ads are blocked by default to prevent misusing and legal issues. You can turn off the ads blocking by your responsibility if you want

Awesome Traffic Bot - Without using VPN & Proxy - 12You can select the speed or quality of videos you want to play. This can help save data, make users look real, and affect video watch time.

\\It can use your Gmail accounts to lower the views drop rate. It logins to Gmail accounts you provided, saves the cookies to use later, etc.

\\It can do random activities before going through your task to make it look more real on youtube. It’s called random act.

\\The Random act feature has a full package of different activities. It can randomly search for videos with a list of keywords you provide, watch trended videos or short videos, like/dislike them, etc.

\\It can generate IPs using phone network services (Android Phone mode)

\\It can create IPs using ADSL modems  (PPPoE Mode and Fritzbox)

Awesome Traffic Bot - Without using VPN & Proxy - 9 If you don’t want to use the unique ways to change the IP, we have also made a proxy mode for you. It supports HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS4/SOCKS5 proxies.

\\ And above all, it is capable of MultiThreading!

Awesome Traffic Bot - Without using VPN & Proxy - 16 Multi-Threading with two different configurations to increase the performance and speed.


– Please note that you have to import Gmail accounts to the bot for sending views, comments, likes, and subscriptions. For comments, likes, and subscriptions (not views), Gmail accounts should be prime and active. New Gmail accounts & inactive ones most likely will be detected by youtube. If you don’t have high-quality Gmail accounts, we’ll start offering them soon.

– – We STRONGLY suggest you not use the bot on the videos that have Monetizing program enabled. This can also get legal consequences for you. DalgaDev doesn’t accept any responsibility for this. The app is mainly developed to help your videos – that don’t have monetizing programs enabled – get ranked.

– – – The license key that you’ll receive will be lifetime and will only support 3 devices.

– – – – This product isn’t a “source code”, You’ll get an Executable file, and it only runs on windows



How do I set it up?

Easy. Just with a few clicks, and our support is almost there for you. 

Can I run this Windows Server (RDP)?

Of course, you can! However, if you want to use unique IP generation methods, you must meet the requirements.

What does MultiThreading mean?

This means having two or three bots running for you simultaneously instead of just one. Which, in terms of speed, it provides a tremendous amount of value. 

For example, you may have one hundred videos to like, and every like would happen in one second. This normally takes 100 seconds, But you can increase the threads to 3 and reduce the time needed to one-third of the original period and get the task done in almost 30 seconds. (You can use up to 500 threads !)

Do you save our data on your servers?

No, there is only an update server, and it can’t Save/Store/Upload any of your data, including your history, account information, etc.

Can Awesome Youtube Robot work 24/7?

It’s a robot, and there is a reason for its popularity. It can run 24/7/365.


If you needed customization or wished for an ability related that was not included in the app, kindly tell us about it through email, and we’ll be sure to fix it.

Who can use this software?

Everyone, Especially if you’re in the field of SEO or you are a Youtuber looking to boost your stats, this bot is your holy grail of a solution. The perfect bot to take a big chunk of work off your shoulders. We’d love for you to give it a shot and let us know what you think.


1. Net Framework 4.7.2 or upper
2. Latest version of Google Chrome
3. Windows 8.1, 10,11 / Windows Server 2012 R2 and above
4. 8192 MB RAM or upper. ( Recommended +8GB)
5. 4Cores – 2000 MgHz CPU or upper
if you want to use the unique IP generation methods:
6. For bridge mode method: LAN cable and the internet which you connected to it by bridge mode and a PPPoE (broadband) connection ( we taught you how to do these settings in the instructions. no worries! ) – Orange routers are Unsupported – Dynamic IP needed
7. For mobile Internet method: Android phone with a sim card that has an internet data package activated.
8. For using LD Player emulation mode: GPU and OpenGL are needed

If you have any questions regarding any aspects of the bot, don’t hesitate to contact our team; as always, we look forward to hearing from you.


Change Logs:

– V1.4.1 ( 2023/12/17)
  • Update likes and comments to match the current YouTube update
  • Added support for Korean/Japanese/Chinese languages in YouTube search
  • Improvement in change playback quality
  • More random actions while viewing
  • Bug fixes on importing jobs via file
  • Other bug fixes and minor improvements
– V1.4.0 ( 2023/11/21)
  • Now AYB can use the LD Player 9 emulator to interact with videos
  • Likes & subscriptions and comments have a much higher stick rate than views
  • We’ve been working on improving the stick rate of views and still progressing
  • Upgrades and bug fixes for the random act function
  • Updated the bot to match with YouTube’s latest update
  • Upgraded Firefox version
  • More randomness in the comments
  • More realistic mouse movements when watching the video
– V1.3.2 ( 2023/04/09)
  • Updated Firefox version to version 109
  • Scrolling simulation is now done by simulating the mouse wheel instead of running javascript
  • SkipAds fix
  • UI improvements
  •  Bug fixes and minor improvements
– V1.3.1 ( 2023/02/10)
  • Like and comment functional issues are fixed now
  • Improvements and bug fixes in a random act
  • Playback quality changing works smoother now
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements, more accuracy in setting playback quality/speed.
  • Now, the Bot sets playback quality in random activities as well.
– V1.3.0 ( 2023/01/17)
  •  New users were facing problems in opening the application in version 1.2.9
– V1.2.9 ( 2023/01/17)
  •  A Critical bug is fixed in proxy rotating.
  • Now you can integrate different VPNs with the bot, and more than that, If you have a NordVPN account the integration is mostly automatic
  • More than 200% performance improvement and optimization (in browser core) that allows you to send more views with more threads in less time.
  • You can randomize accounts while working
  • Suggested view improvements.
  • More accuracy in setting playback quality/speed.
  • Now, the Bot sets playback quality in random activities as well.
  • UI improvements (Now you can use the bot in full-screen).
  • Minor changes and bug fixes. The bot works much smoother now.
– V1.2.8 ( 2022/09/26)
  • Fixed the issue with proxy import page occured in the version 1.2.7
– V1.2.7 ( 2022/09/25)
  • Updated google account login process
  • Updated Adblocker
  • Fixed some issues on campaigns sending in “Assign thread to different jobs” mode.
  • Fixed some issues in device screens with a resolution scale greater than 100%
  • Bug fixes and major improvements in performance. The bot works smoother now.
– V1.2.6 ( 2022/08/22)
  • Campaigns! are arrived, You can now do multiple tasks in the same browser! View multiple videos, like them, comment on them just in one session.
  • Improvements and bug fixes.
– V1.2.5 ( 2022/06/28)
  • Bug fixes and improvements.
– V1.2.4 ( 2022/06/02)
  • NEW: Job based threading. Two different configurations have been added for threading feature. Now, you can do different jobs by using 1 IP (can save much more time)
  • EHANCEMENT:The bot will not like previously liked videos
  • EHANCEMENT: Core of the bot has been redesigned. Expect new interesting features!
  • Bug fixes and improvements
– V1.2.3 ( 2022/04/08)
  • NEW: A new form for handling proxies have been added.
  • NEW: Added testing feature for proxies.
  • EHANCEMENT: Logging into Gmail accounts had some new fixes to detect whether the account is logged in or not
  • EHANCEMENT: Performance have been improved. Jobs are being handled better than ever.
  • Bug fixes and improvements
– V1.2.2 ( 2022/02/14)
  • NEW: Now you can edit the jobs by clicking the “Edit” option in the jobs menu
  • EHANCEMENT: Logging into Gmail accounts
  • Bug fixes and improvements
– V1.2.1 ( 2022/01/22)
  • Bug fixes and improvements
– V1.2.0 ( 2022/01/21)
  • You can manage the accounts stored in the database, You don’t have to load the accounts each time anymore
  • Random Activity added to all eligible Jobs
  • Random acts includes:
  • 1.Interact with trending/short/recommended videos before your job
  • 2.Interact with the videos from your keyword(s) before your job
  • 3.Like/Dislike video when interacting
  • You can set playback speed and quality for the regular view
  • Updated Live view mechanism
  • You can specify the view sources yourself
  • Added view from Google Search
  • The bot can like comments
  • Live view accepts proxies with authentication
  • Bug fixes and many minor improvements
– V1.1.0 ( 2021/11/13)
  • NEW: Switched To Firefox browser
  • NEW: You can see the imported gmail accounts and delete them when necessary
  • NEW: Embedded youtube videos playing support (Specially twitter & reddit). Just add the Twitter/reddit/etc. post url which is have your youtube video included.
  • NEW: Logging into the gmail accounts now supports entering the recovery email. Separate the email by ”|”. user:pass|recovery email
  • ENHANCEMENT: Browsers’ andti-dection has been improved like usual!
  • ENHANCEMENT: Proxies as well as gmail accounts (and other settings) getting saved automatically. So, next time that you run the bot, the settings & proxies & gmail accounts will be remembered! No need to import them again.
  • Bug fixes & performance & UI improvements.
– V1.0.6 ( 2021/09/16)
  • NEW: From now on, settings and jobs are getting saved. You won’t need to add jobs each time you close/open the bot
  • NEW: Loop feature is added. You can enable it if you want the bot to restart the jobs queue after the last job is ended
  • ENHANCEMENT: Browsers’ andti-dection has been improved.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
– V1.0.5 ( 2021/09/16)
  • NEW: From now on, settings and jobs are getting saved. You won’t need to add jobs each time you close/open the bot
  • NEW: Loop feature is added. You can enable it if you want the bot to restart the jobs queue after the last job is ended
  • ENHANCEMENT: Browsers’ andti-dection has been improved.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
– V1.0.5 ( 2021/08/23)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Spoofing the real browsers’ fingerprints
  • ENHANCEMENT: From now on, you can use any version of the android phone for android mode
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
– V1.0.4 ( 2021/07/15)
  • NEW: A GUI added for comments and Jobs section
  • ENHANCEMENTS: Blocking advertisements more precisely
  • ENHANCEMENTS:Auto cleaning the junk files generated by the app
  • multi-threading issues solved
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
– V1.0.3 ( 2021/07/06)
  • NEW: Added a new way to send views to Youtube to make it more realistic.
  • NEW: Added a user-friendly design to add jobs and comments
  • Bug fixes and improvements

– V1.0.1 ( 2021/06/15)

  • The bot blocks youtube ads by default.
  • Bugs fixes and improvements

– V1.0.0 ( 2021/06/09)

  • The AYB lunched!

Additional information

License Duration

1 Month, Lifetime

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows Servers (RDP)

Number of devices supported

3 Devices

Free Support Duration

6 Months

Free Installation Service Included


FAQ (37)

I am having a hard time setting up AYB, can you help me with the setup?

Yes! If you’ve read the documentation and still have problems with the software setup, please contact support team.

I have a phone with android>7, can I still use the bot?

Yes! Go to “IP changing methods > Mobile Mode configuration” on the AYB and it’ll walk you through the setup.

How many views can I send per hour?

It depends on the number of threads, the watch time, and your proxies. If you use 5 threads and set the bot to watch each video for 60 seconds with 5 rotating proxies (rotating every 1 minute), each thread will send 1 view per minute. So, the total number will be 5 views per minute, which generates 300 views per hour. You can calculate this with your own parameters.

This is for sending a view for 1 video. You can send views to multiple videos at the same time with the same proxy. So, if you have 1 proxy and 10 threads with 10 videos link, the bot can send 1 view to each of the videos within a minute. So, basically, you’ll receive 1 view per video, which will total to 10 views.

How many threads can I use on my PC/RDP ?

It depends on your hardware specifications and internet connection speed. You can easily run 5 threads with 8 GB Of RAM and a 4th+ generation CPU. Basically, each “Free” CPU core is able to handle 5-10 threads, So If you’re using a 12-core CPU, you can use about 60-120 threads.

NOTE: If you use PPPoE/Mobile Mode, with more than one thread at a time, You won’t see any results, because your IP will be the same across all threads. If you want to use multi-threads, you should use proxies (each thread will pick a random proxy from the list of proxies).

How can I know if my router supports PPPoE mode?

You should ask your ISP to see whether your router and ISP support PPPoE mode (bridge mode). This is the easiest way to figure out.

Does mobile mode use my SIM card's internet?

Yes, it does. This mode uses your SIM card’s internet.

Do I need to install the bot on my mobile phone to use the mobile mode?

No, you don’t. The mobile/phone mode gets used only as an internet hotspot device. So, the bot uses your mobile’s internet through USB, and you don’t need to install anything on your phone.

Can the software work on a virtual server (VPS/RDP)?

Yes, You can run the software on your virtual server. We’ve tested AYB on windows server 2019/Windows 10/ and it works perfectly, However, It might be unstable on 2022+ versions.

If I use mobile mode, will the visitors come from different devices and operating systems?

Yes! The Mobile mode is only being used for the IP-generating part of the software. The visitors will be sent with different user agents, screen resolutions, and browsers!

Can I use VPN while I’m using unique IP changing methods?

No, in that case, your IP will not change.

Does AYB have the risk of channel/video getting banned from YouTube?

No, It’s not possible unless you send a lot of junk IPs to a monetized video. We suggested you not do that and enable the “Block Ads” feature on the bot.

Does AYB use unique fingerprints?

Yes, Every browser instance has a totally unique fingerprint + anti-bot detection features

Does AYB has WebRTC leak?

No, Not at all.

Can I send likes/subscribers/comments with your bot?

Yes, You can send likes/comments/subscribers, But you need to have google accounts, you can’t like/comment/subscribe when you’re not logged in.

Does AYB login to each google account every time?

The bot only logs in for the first time, It will save the cookies afterward, Note that you should disable two-step verification from your google account.

Can AYB provide two-step verification details when google asks?

The bot is unable to verify your login via your phone number/mobile phone, But It can provide the recovery email when google asks, Use the following format in order to provide recovery emails with your accounts:

[email protected]:password|[email protected]

Does AYB views drop? What is the drop rate?

Yes, youtube drops some views, even from your real viewers. Drop rate depends on your IPs, whether you’re using Gmail accounts or not, etc. The best sticking rate is when you use aged gmail accounts.

The bot looks big and weird on my screen, What Should I do?

You are probably experiencing this because your windows display scale is set to above %100. Do the following steps in order to fix this issue:

  • Open the start menu
  • Search for “Scale”
  • Select the first option
  • On the “Make everything bigger” section, set the value to “%100”

What does keyword mean? What keyword should I use for my video?

The keyword is a text that AYB uses in google/youtube search to find your video, Your keyword should be something findable in the google/youtube search on the first page, Otherwise, you can use your video title or your video URL

NOTE: Make sure your URL is in the correct format, read more about the correct URL formatting in this section.

How should I enter the URL of my video?

You should use the full video URL, It looks something like this:


In the above example, ABCDEFGH is your video ID, Sometimes, your URL may contain extra arguments in front of the ID for example:


In this case, you should delete these extra options and just provide the full URL (Like the first example)

Do not use URLs starting with youtu.be, otherwise the bot might not function correctly.


How many live stream views can I send with your bot?

As the latest Youtube algorithm update, To send live views we recommend you use the regular view process for it. Because sending live views with API will cause zero watch time and live view drops. But if you use the regular view also for live videos, you’ll have a much better effect. However, you may be unable to send a few hundred live views with this method because it’s aggressively using the resources. The number of livestream viewers corresponds with the maximum number of threads you can use. You can read about it here.

Does AYB Support rotating proxies?

Yes, AYB supports rotating proxies. If your proxies have a rotating URL, you can use the following format to provide the rotating URL to the bot, AYB will rotate each IP per view automatically:


or if your proxies don’t require a username and password:


What kind of proxies should I use?

We recommend you use HTTPS proxies, however, AYB also supports socks4/socks5 proxies.

We highly suggest you not use free public proxies as most of them are blacklisted and slow.

It’s recommended to use Residential/4G proxies for the best results.

Can you suggest a proxy provider?

We can’t suggest any specific provider, because we can’t guarantee the quality of their services, But It’s better to make sure that you’re using Residential/4G Proxies.

Can I send Live stream views with your bot?

Yes, AYB is able to send live stream views. You can read the instructions or watch the tutorial video to learn more.

Can I change playback speed/quality with your bot?

Yes, You can set the playback speed or playback quality. In addition, you can let the bot choose a random speed/quality each time by selecting the “Random” option.

Do you guarantee that comments/subscribes won't be removed after sending?

Youtube has so many factors in the comment/subscriber approval process, Including the context of the comments’ text, and your account being flagged as spam. It’s the youtube decision to approve the comments/subscribers. We won’t guarantee YouTube’s approval because of the factors mentioned above. 

Do you provide proxies?

No, We don’t provide proxy services. But you can find out about some proxy providers here.

How long does it take for the views to be counted?

It can take up to 48 hours for the views to be counted, But usually, You will see the results in a shorter timeframe.

What will the view sources be in the YouTube studio analytics?

AYB is capable of sending views from the youtube search, Recommended videos, and google (It will show as External), And you can customize the view sources since version 1.2.0

What is the recommended settings for the view?

It’s recommended to use a good keyword, and the watch time duration should be at least 30 seconds, If your video is 30 seconds or less, The entire video should be watched, otherwise, YOUR VIEWS MAY NOT BE COUNTED.

For the view sources, It’s better to use all options. Also enable the RandomAct feature for more realistic views.

Which kind of URL should I use for the subscriptions?

You can use a video or channel URL, But It’s always better to use the video URL

How much traffic AYB will use from my internet/proxy?

It’s based on your watch time and the video quality. For example, If you have a 480p video that’s 10MB, and you want to watch it entirely, about 10MB will be used for each view. By unblocking Ads, The traffic from the Ads will be also counted. Since version 1.2.0, you can reduce the traffic usage by setting playback speed and playback quality.

Do I need accounts for sending views?

No. But It doesn’t mean you can’t have. If you have clean google accounts, sending views with logged-in accounts will make your views more solid and it decreases the chance of the view being dropped. A logged-in account is necessary for comment/like/subscribe. Obviously, you can’t do the mentioned operations when you’re not logged in.

UPDATE: Due to the latest changes of the youtube counting system, you’ll need to import Gmail accounts to be able to perform views. This section may get updated if there’s any further updates. Also, technically, you can send unlimited views (with different IPs) by using 1 Gmail account. However, if you import more Gmail accounts, it will have better effects on ranking.

I want to setup my application, what shall I do?

Each of our public applications have an instruction file to help customers do the setup and work with the software.

If you would like to use our setup services, you can send a support inquiry to our support department. Please note that we only set up an application once and it will be free of charge. If you need to set up the application more than once by us, you will need to buy our setup services.


I have a problem with application, what next?

If you read the instruction file and FAQs and you still have problems, don’t worry! Send us a support inquiry, we’ll check out and respond as soon as possible.


I want to use an app on another computer but it says I am unable to do it

Our applications have a licensing system that limits the number of computers at use. You can find information about the number of computers allowed by a single license key on the product’s description page.

If you want to use another computer, you can buy an extra license key or you can delete a computer from your license key. Check this out to learn more:



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    Code Quality

    Been one of my best friend when it come to using YT Bot. Even i have suggested some features and they implemented on next update, Very friendly customer support. This just Rock :)

    Review left on Codecanyon

    March 17, 2023
    Verified Purchase


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    Code Quality

    I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the AYT Bot team.That they have created an excellent application. From which we benefit a lot. That means our videos go viral. And it helps a lot in taking our channel forward.I would like to see this kind of application in many places around. But I have not found such an application anywhere. Finally I bought it from here.Any problem I faced while using this application. So I contacted his team and his team immediately solved the problem.The more people will buy it. Similarly, his team will provide more facilities for his fans.As in the previous update they have done a great job in this application and made it very easy for their fans.I am very happy with AYT team and I want to tell people to buy this application. This is a very useful application. And this app will save you a lot of time.In this application, you will configure the work once. After that it will take you few seconds to start working. And when you start working in a second or two, the work will continue as long as you want. So it saves you a lot of time.I would like to thank the AYT team once again.

    Review left on Codecanyon

    February 11, 2023
    Verified Purchase


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    Feature Availability

    This app is extremely overpriced. I bought it before the price reduce. It’s still overpriced. Everybody don’t have two routers for bridge mode and not every internet service use pppoe. Not everybody owns an android phone. That’s features that’s worthless to a lot of potential customers. Not only do you have to buy this app, you’ll have to buy “google profiles” and proxies, which can go into the hundreds of $$$ just to get a couple 1000 views at best. You are better using a smm panel. This app is a TERRIBLE INVESTMENT and a waste of time!

    Review left on Codecanyon

    December 11, 2022
    Verified Purchase


    • Dalga

      November 25, 2022

      Thanks for your review.
      All necessary requirements have been mentioned in the product’s page.
      That’s clients and your own responsibility to check the availability and the cost of requirements before purchasing the bot.
      SMM panels provide views without watch time and keyword search on YouTube. They usually mock the YT API to send the low quality views. That’s the key feature differentiates the bot from SMM panels.
      We’ll look forward to offering Gmail profiles and proxies to reduce the tasks of clients. However, at this moment it should be supplied by the clients.
      In the end, Thanks again for your feedback and we encourage all users to read the requirements and check its availability and costs before proceeding with this.

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    I have buy this tool,It's work for me. Views not decrese like cheap tool.

    Review left on Codecanyon

    September 14, 2022
    Verified Purchase


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    All good ! The software works well and the customer support is rapidly helpful. Thank you

    Review left on Codecanyon

    July 21, 2022
    Verified Purchase


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    Very good at Customer Support. If you have any Problems, solve directly by teamview. if have ten star, i will put for them.

    Review left on Codecanyon

    June 1, 2022
    Verified Purchase


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    Awesome and easy to use

    Review left on Codecanyon

    April 1, 2022
    Verified Purchase


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    Just waste my money :( i spend for this bot 399+ rdp 65$ + proxy 50$ = 514$ this bot not worked any features. they will just wast you time , if you want to know more about this why im telling like that just reply comments i will show you proof. proof google drive screenshoot : bit.ly/3GrWc2Y  

    Review left on Codecanyon

    March 25, 2022
    Verified Purchase


    • Dalga

      March 29, 2022

      I’m sorry for the inconvenience.About 2~3 months ago, youtube changed its system, and they started counting only logged-in account views since then. We informed the users about this and with using Gmail accounts, now views have appropriate stick rate. Using logged-in accounts was implemented into the bot since the very first release and we were expecting this to happen someday. This is the nature of the systems like YouTube. They change, and we also try to change our application to cover their newest changes. I hope you find the application helpful now with the newest change.

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    They are very involved. They solve all problems instantly. I would definitely recommend.

    Review left on Codecanyon

    January 27, 2022
    Verified Purchase


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    For usability issues, they did their best to respond in real time.

    Review left on Codecanyon

    January 27, 2022
    Verified Purchase


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    Great service and Excellent seller! Trustful 100%

    Review left on Seoclerk

    June 12, 2021
    Verified Purchase


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