Pre-sale Questions

What are your services?

We have two major types of services:
1. Publicly available applications/services that can be found in the Store
2. Custom software solutions development. We specifically develop customized solutions for your needs!
You can find out about the services at the link below:

How many days will it take to get my service delivered?

It depends on the contract and agreement. Public applications (found in the store), will be delivered instantly after purchase.
Custom application services depend on the contract. We’ll let you know about the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) once you place an order.

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently only accept PayPal as our store gateway. If you wish to pay by alternative methods like ACH (SWIFT), contact our finance department to check if your requested payment method is available.
You should NOT send money via other payment methods but only if you received the details of the payment information from an official email ( in the case of requesting other payment methods.

What guarantees are included in your services?

Guarantees vary between services. We usually mention what we guarantee in each service/public software. Mainly we only guarantee our applications to work as promised during the support period. You can ask our customers support department about this: Support
We always keep our public applications updated. Even if your support period of our public application has ended, you can send a support inquiry for reporting a bug or problem. We'll take care of your reports as soon as possible but note that if your support period has ended, your support inquiries can take up more than usual to get checked. You can read more about the support process here :

What is your refund policy?

We usually process the refunds in the case that your purchased software does not meet up with our  guarantees. You can find out more at this link:

Is there any limitation for using your applications?

Our public/store applications have a computer sensitive licensing system. This limitation varies among applications. You can check out the application's details page to see how many systems are supported in a license key.
If you want to use on more computers, you have to buy extra license keys.
Click here to read more about the solution.

Cant find your Answer?

If you couldn't find the answer of your question, you can reach out to our support team!