DalgaDev panel FAQ

What can I do with my DalgaDev panel?

You can see the orders & serial numbers (license keys) also download the latest version of the ordered applications. You can also see the list of activated devices of each license key from the panel. So, if you want to delete a device from your license key, you can do it straight away!

How can I login to my panel?

You can use this URL to log in to your DalgaDev panel:

How can I download the files and applications?

You can download the files from this URL:
You can also go to the orders, select the order and download the files from it:

I lost my password, what can I do about it?

You can use this URL to reset your password if you know your email address:
Enter your email address in the lost password page field and click on reset. You'll receive an email to change your password. Click on the link and change your password.
If you have any issues receiving the email, check your spam and junk folders. If the issue persists, please contact our support team.

I lost both my email and password, what can I do now?

If you lost your email address, you have to contact our support team with your order id & transaction details to help you out in reminding the email address.
if you only lost your password, you can check out this FAQ to find out how to reset your password:

How can I see my license keys?

You can go to the orders page:
Then select a particular order and scroll down to see the corresponding serial number (license key).
You can also go to the license keys tab to see all the assigned license keys:

How can I see the activated devices of my license key?

You need to login to  your DalgaDev account and then go to the license keys tab.
Once you go to there, you can see the activated devices for each license key by clicking on the "Devices list" button.
As soon as you click on the devices list button, you'll see the list of activated devices (with activation Date and a bunch of other information). You can delete a device from the list if you want to. Thus, in case you happen to lose your computer or VPS,... you can easily delete that device from your license key.

I got my purchase code/license key from Envato and I want to control the activated devices

If you bought the application and got your license key from Envato, you can also use the DalgaDev panel to monitor and control activated devices of your license key. To do so you need to sign up on our website by clicking this URL:
Then go to the License keys and click on "Add serial number". This is also a shortcut URL to that tab:
Select the product and add your purchase code. As soon as your purchase code is verified, you can see the devices list and control them.
* Please note that you need to install the ordered application on at least one computer to be able to add your license key into the panel.
Read how to see & control the devices from here:

Cant find your Answer?

If you couldn't find the answer of your question, you can reach out to our support team!