Frequently Asked Questions

I am having hard time to setup ATB, can you help me with the setup?

Yes! If you read the documentation and still have problems with setting up the software, please contact the support team.

I have a phone with android>7, can I still use the bot?

Yes, but the software will need customization to work with your phone. We’ll customize the software for your android>7 mobile for FREE.
You just need to send us a support inquiry, our agents will customize the software within 1~48 hours.

How many visitors I can send to the website per hour?

ATB is currently working on 1 thread, because of the pure IP changing procedure’s limitation. So, the number of visitors that you can get is depended on the settings you apply for the software. If you want the visitors to stay on the page for 1 minute, you will get 60 visitors per hour.

How many instances/threads does ATB support?

Because the software changes your public IP, it is not technically possible to use more than 1 thread with different IPs, If you want to use more than 1 thread with the same IPs, send us a support inquiry, we will enable that feature for you.

How can I know if my router supports PPPoE mode?

You should ask your ISP if your router and ISP support PPPoE mode(bridge mode). This is the easiest way to figure out.

Does mobile mode use my sim-card’s internet?

Yes, this mode uses your sim card’s internet.

Do I need to install the bot on my mobile to use the mobile mode?

No, the mobile mode gets used only as an internet hotspot device. So, the bot uses your mobile's internet through USB, and you don't need to install anything on your phone.

Does ATB support my country? Will it work?

Yes, the software can work in all countries. However, you should meet the requirements, unless it won’t be able to change IP.

Does mobile mode work with apple/IOS products?

No, unfortunately. The software doesn’t support IOS devices to use for changing/generating IP.

Can it be used to increase YouTube views?

Yes, but views can drop, cause another factor of view evaluation is the google account. The software doesn’t login into google accounts.
By the way, we specifically developed a bot for YouTube. You can check that out if you want to use the bot specifically on Youtube. It's called Awesome Youtube Bot

Can the software work on a virtual server?

If you want to send Pure IPs that are being generated by unique ways, you won’t be able to use the software on a virtual server.
This software needs some requirements to change the IP ( requirements are mentioned on the product’s page ).

Will I be able to use the 2 other PCs that are connected to the internet via same modem with their initial IP address?

In PPPoE mode, technically you can only connect to your modem via 1 PC and not more. If you don’t want to do so, you can use mobile mode with a dedicated PC/laptop to use the bot. Mobile mode will use your sim-card internet and you won’t need to change anything in your router.
New: if you are using fritzbox modems, you won’t even need to connect your computer to the router via LAN. Also, you don’t need to configure your modem for PPPoE mode. So, you can use the software on the PCs that are connected to the same router.

If I use mobile mode, will the visitors come from different devices and operating systems?

Yes! The Mobile mode is only being used for the IP-generating part of the software. The visitors will be sent with different user agents, screen resolutions, and browsers!

Can I select country or city to send visitors?

No. The software uses “unique” ways to generate pure IPs, and it doesn’t use proxies or VPNs. The IPs will be only from your locality.

I need to use proxies instead of unique ways, what shall I do?

Send us a support inquiry, we will guide you about customization, etc.

How many computers can be activated via a license key?

You can activate the software on 3 computers with a single purchase code.
if you need to use the software on more than 3 computers, you will need extra license keys.

How should I activate my license key on the software? Do I need to send you a message to activate?

You don’t need to send a message to activate your license key. As soon as you buy the software you will receive the license key, you can enter the license key on the software’s license checking form and activate the software!
If you can not use your license key for any reason, feel free to contact us.

Can I use my computer while the software is running?

Yes, you can use your computer while the software is working. But for getting the best performance, we suggest you not use the computer while the software is working.

Can I choose the type of traffic (organic, referral, direct)

Yes, but referral mode is not available yet. Considering that’s just fooling the analytical tools and there are no other benefits.

Can I use VPN while I’m using unique IP changing methods?

No, in that case, your IP will not change.

Did not find your answer?

If you do not find the answer to your question, you can send it to us so that we can answer it as soon as possible. You can also help us complete this page by submitting your question.