After-sale Questions

I want to setup my application, what shall I do?

Each of our public applications have an instruction file to help customers do the setup and work with the software.
If you would like to use our setup services, you can send a support inquiry to our support department. Please note that we only set up an application once and it will be free of charge. If you need to set up the application more than once by us, you will need to buy our setup services.

I have a problem with application, what next?

If you read the instruction file and FAQs and you still have problems, don't worry! Send us a support inquiry, we'll check out and respond as soon as possible.

I want to use an app on another computer but it says I am unable to do it

Our applications have a licensing system that limits the number of computers at use. You can find information about the number of computers allowed by a single license key on the product's description page.
If you want to use another computer, you can buy an extra license key or you can delete a computer from your license key. Check this out to learn more:

Cant find your Answer?

If you couldn't find the answer of your question, you can reach out to our support team!