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Awesome Traffic Bot 2.0 is coming soon!

Awesome Traffic Bot 2.0
Last Update: 29 Jan 24
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ATB 2.0 has been released!

Awesome Traffic Bot 2.0 has been released! 🥳 Please go to the panel where you’ve purchased the application to download the latest version. You can also read the version 1.0 license key transition conditions from here.

Greetings! We’re here with exciting news! Awesome Traffic Bot 2.0 is on the horizon! In this article, I’ll walk you through some breaking changes and key details that you don’t want to miss.

You can read all the features of the current Awesome Traffic Bot (V1) by clicking here: Awesome Traffic Bot

We’ve been working on the ATB since 2019 and consistently rolling out new features, updates, and enhancements every month. We’ve always been focused on making the bot much better for the growing needs of our clients. Now, after a few months of dedicated effort, we’re getting ready for something more substantial: ATB 2.0!

ATB 2.0 is packed with changes and improvements that will easily make our bot the most versatile traffic tool out there. It’s all about giving you the power to manage your campaigns easily, create more complex ones (we call it scripting!), and much more.

I’m going to break down each of the important changes and improvements and how they’ll be beneficial for you!

UI Redesign

Awesome Traffic Bot 2.0

Awesome Traffic Bot 2.0 heralds a complete redesign of the user interface all from scratch! We’ve infused it with some new flavors and concepts. The new UI and version promise a user-friendly experience along with a feature-rich environment. It will be very easy to use with the RAM and storage management enhancement we made. Most notably, the bot is ready to effortlessly handle hundreds of diverse campaigns for you! If you are an enterprise client looking to control numerous campaigns all seamlessly, ATB 2.0 is made for you!

We’ve adopted modern UI design principles and elements, ensuring a user-friendly and enjoyable-to-use! We’ve emphasized making the user experience a lot better in this version.

You’ll be able to create campaigns, assign names and tags to them, access to more filters for your campaigns, comprehensive reports and so much more!

Scripting! Unprecedented Flexibility

In the realm ATB 1.x, campaigns were limited to a single task each. For instance, you could only make the bot go to your website through a keyword search from Google and execute some actions like scrolling, visiting other pages of your website, clicking then exiting.

Now, picture a scenario where you require to define complex and intricate campaigns and you need to do some extra and preliminary searches or tasks before doing your target search. It wasn’t possible -at least easily- with the previous version of the bot. Enter ATB 2.0! You can add different tasks all at once in a single campaign on ATB 2. So, you can make the bot visit other websites, do other searches (for related keywords), etc. prior to actually going to do your main search and job.

We term this feature “scripting” and you’ll be able to do lots of fantastic and sophisticated tasks!

By using this feature, you can make the bot do some warm-ups before going through your target search! It will be an extraordinary traffic bot and google organic search bot in the market!

Insightful Reports and analytics

ATB 2.0 introduces a comprehensive reporting dashboard, offering timely-based summaries of the app’s overall activity. This stunning dashboard gives you an overview of past and impending actions!

We’re committed to adding and bringing more advanced reporting tools for users in the near future! So, it doesn’t conclude here. We’ll celebrate some new reporting features beyond the initial release of the ATB 2.0

Campaigns Gain Independence!

The previous iteration of the bot was able to handle completely different campaigns indeed. You could add totally different campaigns and configure each completely differently. However, it wasn’t possible to start, stop, or manage each of them easily without affecting the other campaigns.

Worry no more! In ATB 2.0, all of the campaigns have their independence! You can configure them totally differently with the flexibility to start or pause them at will without impacting other campaigns or needing to pause them all. This is why we say if you have lots of campaigns to manage, ATB 2.0 will stand as an everlasting ally!

Unlocking Multilingual Magic

Multilingual support in Traffic Bot V2

We’re more than happy to let you know we’ve been honored and chosen to serve clients from over 100 countries worldwide. It’s now our mission to make sure everyone feels at home with our application and services! To accomplish this, we’re honored to introduce you to multilingual support in the bot. ATB 2.0 comes with a multilingual environment, and we’re committed to supporting a large variety of languages. We’re commencing with languages such as Korean, Turkish, Spanish and German and it’s expected to have these languages supported by the end of 2023.

We aim to create an inclusive and friendly environment within ATB 2.0 where all users from diverse linguistic backgrounds can comfortably navigate, use, and enjoy the application. We look forward to making you all feel at home in ATB 2.0!

Mac support: Now or Future?

We’ve had some significant changes and refactors happen in the front-end and back-end of the application which brings the ATB closer than ever to creating a cross-platform application. The initial version of ATB 2.0 will not support Mac or Linux. Yet, it’s on our roadmap to extend our support to these platforms. So, support of Mac is planned for later 🙂

Prices and update availability?

Okay, it must been the question you were waiting for.

We’ve been working on and developing the initial version of ATB (ATB 1.x) for years and our users have enjoyed regular updates for years. We grew a lot in these years and added so many features monthly basis. The Community grew fast as well as we did. The ATB initially was launched as an application only supporting Direct traffic and Google with two IP changing modes. Now, it supports more than 10 search engines (and sub-services), 5 IP changing modes (most were innovative and first released by our team), advanced features like GPS simulations, advanced functions (To click, type, inject js code, and cookies!), daily updates of user-agents from our servers and so many more! ATB community evolved as did we!

Now we believe a slight change in our business plan is necessary. We’ll no longer have lifetime versions. While this might sound unfavorable on the first hand, this is a decision aimed at benefiting all parties.

The cost associated with maintaining the application, stabilizing it, and supporting clients has grown a lot since the initial release. Shifting to time-based plans ensures that both we and the clients can deliver and receive the most suitable services over time.

The pricing structure will remain the same but there will be a yearly plan instead of monthly. We may gradually reduce the price of the monthly plan as time progresses.

But, what about existing users of the ATB 1?

Our ATB version 1 users can be divided into two different groups. Lifetime buyers and monthly subscribers.

Monthly subscribers will gain access to the ATB 2.0 and they can use the next generation as long as their subscriptions remain active.

For lifetime version buyers it might be a little different:

1. Access to ATB 1 will remain unaffected if you don’t want to use ATB 2.0. We’ll still provide updates and improvements for a lifetime. However, we might not be able to replicate all features of ATB 2.0 into the ATB 1. So, we’ll be committed to adding new features for ATB 2.0 more than the old version.

2. If you want to use ATB 2.0, you will get a total of 1 free year of access to the bot starting from your purchase date of ATB version 1.0. So, if you purchased the lifetime version a month ago, you’ll enjoy 11 months of free ATB 2.0 access and you don’t need to pay any fees for upgrading. Beyond this period and after your free access expires, you’ll need to renew the license key. Keep in mind that once you decide to transition the license key from ATB 1 to ATB 2, you’ll no longer be able to use the previous version. So, if your ATB 2.0 license expires, access to the previous version also ceases.

3. If you have purchased the application longer than 1 year, you’ll get free access for a month. Then you’ll need to extend your purchase code on a yearly or monthly basis.

4. All of the current users of ATB will receive a 7-day trial of the ATB 2.0. This grace period allows for a decision on whether you want to transit to the new version of ATB 2 or retain access to ATB 1.

How’s the process of license transition?

The license transition process has been seamlessly integrated into the application. Once you input your license key, the app will guide you through the process requiring nothing more than a single click on a button! If you’ve transferred the license key to ATB 2.0 and then retained access to ATB 1.0 after the trial period (You decided not to use the ATB 2.0), it will be no longer possible to transit your existing license key to ATB 2.0. You may need to buy a new license key later if you want to use ATB2.0 again.

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