Can you suggest a proxy provider?

I am having a hard time setting up AYB, can you help me with the setup?

Yes! If you've read the documentation and still have problems with the software setup, please contact support team.

I have a phone with android>7, can I still use the bot?

Yes! Go to “IP changing methods > Mobile Mode configuration” on the AYB and it'll walk you through the setup.

How many views can I send per hour?

It depends on the number of threads, the watch time, and your proxies. If you use 5 threads and set the bot to watch each video for 60 seconds with 5 rotating proxies (rotating every 1 minute), each thread will send 1 view per minute. So, the total number will be 5 views per minute, which generates 300 views per hour. You can calculate this with your own parameters.
This is for sending a view for 1 video. You can send views to multiple videos at the same time with the same proxy. So, if you have 1 proxy and 10 threads with 10 videos link, the bot can send 1 view to each of the videos within a minute. So, basically, you'll receive 1 view per video, which will total to 10 views.

How many threads can I use on my PC/RDP ?

It depends on your hardware specifications and internet connection speed. You can easily run 5 threads with 8 GB Of RAM and a 4th+ generation CPU. Basically, each “Free” CPU core is able to handle 5-10 threads, So If you’re using a 12-core CPU, you can use about 60-120 threads.
NOTE: If you use PPPoE/Mobile Mode, with more than one thread at a time, You won’t see any results, because your IP will be the same across all threads. If you want to use multi-threads, you should use proxies (each thread will pick a random proxy from the list of proxies).

How can I know if my router supports PPPoE mode?

You should ask your ISP to see whether your router and ISP support PPPoE mode (bridge mode). This is the easiest way to figure out.

Does mobile mode use my SIM card\'s internet?

Yes, it does. This mode uses your SIM card’s internet.

Do I need to install the bot on my mobile phone to use the mobile mode?

No, you don't. The mobile/phone mode gets used only as an internet hotspot device. So, the bot uses your mobile's internet through USB, and you don't need to install anything on your phone.

Can the software work on a virtual server (VPS/RDP)?

Yes, You can run the software on your virtual server. We've tested AYB on windows server 2019/Windows 10/ and it works perfectly, However, It might be unstable on 2022+ versions.

If I use mobile mode, will the visitors come from different devices and operating systems?

Yes! The Mobile mode is only being used for the IP-generating part of the software. The visitors will be sent with different user agents, screen resolutions, and browsers!

Can I use VPN while I’m using unique IP changing methods?

No, in that case, your IP will not change.

Does AYB have the risk of channel/video getting banned from YouTube?

No, It’s not possible unless you send a lot of junk IPs to a monetized video. We suggested you not do that and enable the “Block Ads” feature on the bot.

Does AYB use unique fingerprints?

Yes, Every browser instance has a totally unique fingerprint + anti-bot detection features

Can I send likes/subscribers/comments with your bot?

Yes, You can send likes/comments/subscribers, But you need to have google accounts, you can't like/comment/subscribe when you're not logged in.

Does AYB login to each google account every time?

The bot only logs in for the first time, It will save the cookies afterward, Note that you should disable two-step verification from your google account.

Can AYB provide two-step verification details when google asks?

The bot is unable to verify your login via your phone number/mobile phone, But It can provide the recovery email when google asks, Use the following format in order to provide recovery emails with your accounts:
[email protected]:password|[email protected]

Does AYB views drop? What is the drop rate?

Yes, youtube drops some views, even from your real viewers. Drop rate depends on your IPs, whether you're using Gmail accounts or not, etc. The best sticking rate is when you use aged gmail accounts.

The bot looks big and weird on my screen, What Should I do?

You are probably experiencing this because your windows display scale is set to above %100. Do the following steps in order to fix this issue:

  • Open the start menu

  • Search for "Scale"

  • Select the first option

  • On the "Make everything bigger" section, set the value to "%100"

What does keyword mean? What keyword should I use for my video?

The keyword is a text that AYB uses in google/youtube search to find your video, Your keyword should be something findable in the google/youtube search on the first page, Otherwise, you can use your video title or your video URL
NOTE: Make sure your URL is in the correct format, read more about the correct URL formatting in this section.

How should I enter the URL of my video?

You should use the full video URL, It looks something like this:
In the above example, ABCDEFGH is your video ID, Sometimes, your URL may contain extra arguments in front of the ID for example:
In this case, you should delete these extra options and just provide the full URL (Like the first example)
Do not use URLs starting with, otherwise the bot might not function correctly.

How many live stream views can I send with your bot?

As the latest Youtube algorithm update, To send live views we recommend you use the regular view process for it. Because sending live views with API will cause zero watch time and live view drops. But if you use the regular view also for live videos, you’ll have a much better effect. However, you may be unable to send a few hundred live views with this method because it’s aggressively using the resources. The number of livestream viewers corresponds with the maximum number of threads you can use. You can read about it here.

Does AYB Support rotating proxies?

Yes, AYB supports rotating proxies. If your proxies have a rotating URL, you can use the following format to provide the rotating URL to the bot, AYB will rotate each IP per view automatically:
or if your proxies don't require a username and password:

What kind of proxies should I use?

We recommend you use HTTPS proxies, however, AYB also supports socks4/socks5 proxies.
We highly suggest you not use free public proxies as most of them are blacklisted and slow.
It's recommended to use Residential/4G proxies for the best results.

Can you suggest a proxy provider?

We can't suggest any specific provider, because we can't guarantee the quality of their services, But It's better to make sure that you're using Residential/4G Proxies.

Can I send Live stream views with your bot?

Yes, AYB is able to send live stream views. You can read the instructions or watch the tutorial video to learn more.

Can I change playback speed/quality with your bot?

Yes, You can set the playback speed or playback quality. In addition, you can let the bot choose a random speed/quality each time by selecting the "Random" option.

Do you guarantee that comments/subscribes won\'t be removed after sending?

Youtube has so many factors in the comment/subscriber approval process, Including the context of the comments' text, and your account being flagged as spam. It's the youtube decision to approve the comments/subscribers. We won't guarantee YouTube's approval because of the factors mentioned above. 

Do you provide proxies?

No, We don't provide proxy services. But you can find out about some proxy providers here.

How long does it take for the views to be counted?

It can take up to 48 hours for the views to be counted, But usually, You will see the results in a shorter timeframe.

What will the view sources be in the YouTube studio analytics?

AYB is capable of sending views from the youtube search, Recommended videos, and google (It will show as External), And you can customize the view sources since version 1.2.0

What is the recommended settings for the view?

It's recommended to use a good keyword, and the watch time duration should be at least 30 seconds, If your video is 30 seconds or less, The entire video should be watched, otherwise, YOUR VIEWS MAY NOT BE COUNTED.
For the view sources, It's better to use all options. Also enable the RandomAct feature for more realistic views.

Which kind of URL should I use for the subscriptions?

You can use a video or channel URL, But It's always better to use the video URL

How much traffic AYB will use from my internet/proxy?

It's based on your watch time and the video quality. For example, If you have a 480p video that's 10MB, and you want to watch it entirely, about 10MB will be used for each view. By unblocking Ads, The traffic from the Ads will be also counted. Since version 1.2.0, you can reduce the traffic usage by setting playback speed and playback quality.

Do I need accounts for sending views?

No. But It doesn't mean you can't have. If you have clean google accounts, sending views with logged-in accounts will make your views more solid and it decreases the chance of the view being dropped. A logged-in account is necessary for comment/like/subscribe. Obviously, you can't do the mentioned operations when you're not logged in.
UPDATE: Due to the latest changes of the youtube counting system, you’ll need to import Gmail accounts to be able to perform views. This section may get updated if there's any further updates. Also, technically, you can send unlimited views (with different IPs) by using 1 Gmail account. However, if you import more Gmail accounts, it will have better effects on ranking.

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