What is included in the support service?

How can I contact support department?

You can contact support department by using the link below:

What is included in the support service?

We offer diverse support services depending on the projects. All custom software development plans come with support services that are disclosed before purchase. For public applications already on the site, we offer 6 months free support along with setup services (once only).
We don't offer customization and feature implementations in our support service. If you want these services included in your custom development projects, you should contact with the related department before submitting the order to see if it is possible.

What are your support plans?

All of our public applications and custom software development services have 24/7 support. We respond to customers up to 12 hours, every day.
Support duration depends on the servicers/application. It can vary between 31 days to 6 months. We offer support plans extensions, so you can easily extend your support service if you need to.

How can I extend my support duration?

You can easily send us a support enquiry to extend the support duration. We are working on a feature so you can automatically extend the support duration by yourself in the my-account plan. Extensions are available on support fees depending on your plan. Contact support for more information.

What if I didn\'t get any answers after sending a support enquiry?

We respond to support enquires as soon as possible. Usually, it takes a few minutes to get an initial response from our support department but it can also take up to 24 hours - every day in a week! In rare cases, such as times or seasons that we are experiencing a high volume of requests, it can also take up to 48 hours to get a response from us.
If you didn't get any response after more than 48 hours, you can directly send an email to our supervisor:
[email protected]
Our supervisors are constantly checking the requests and support agents activity.

How do you do troubleshooting?

First of all, we try to figure out the problem and see if we can guide you through the text messages. If we need to check further or the customer can't follow up the text instructions, we connect to the PC/Laptop via popular remote desktop applications (TeamViewer or Anydesk).
In some cases and occasions, we will need more time ( like a few hours or days ) to fully check the problem. Our troubleshooting process takes 30 minutes on average.

Cant find your Answer?

If you couldn't find the answer of your question, you can reach out to our support team!